Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per Click advertising can increase your brand awareness, drive more leads, and boost your revenue. But doing it yourself with no experience has proven nearly impossible. That is where Rise Africa comes in. We create successful Pay Per Click campaigns that drive relevant website traffic from people interested in your business.

Hiring an experienced PPC specialist is very important, as platforms such as Google Ads makes it easy to spend a lot of money very quickly. A DIY business owner or digital marketing specialist that are not on the top of their game can blow through a whole marketing budget without worthwhile results.


Pay Per Click Advertising

Call Rise Africa if you need Google Ads to

  • Target the different audiences who use your product or services.
  • Target people in your local area.
  • Generate traffic for specific pages on your website
  • Get thorough reports on website clicks and user behaviour

We also provide detailed recommendations on how to improve your website to get the best results from Google Ads

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Google ads consist of sponsored links in search results or image ads on Googles Partner network, such as news sites or blogs. YOu will be charged every time someone clicks through to your website or sees your ad, depending on how it’s set up. Besides the agency fee that Rise Africa bills you to manage your ads, you must also reserve a monthly budget to pay Google Ads. We recommend a minimum ads budget of R3000

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