eCommerce Digital Marketing

For online shops, visibility and website traffic is everything. However, due to the low barrier to entry in eCommerce, it can be tough to compete against the many others who offer the same products online. To survive, you need to win the war for visibility and perception. This means top-notch SEO and Pay per click services.

Rise Africa provides eCommerce digital marketing services to online sellers who knows that they constantly have to make their websites better and more attractive to customers to stay ahead. Our services include SEO for building up bulk traffic over time, as well as PPC to get to the top right away, or for medium and short term promotions.

Ecommerce is hard work, that’s why you need a digital marketing partner who is willing to put in what it takes.



ecommerce marketing

Our digital marketing services for retailers include:

eCommerce SEO – product listings search optimisation, eCommerce website architecture, content optimisation, voice optimisation, page speed, organic product listings for Google shopping, eCommerce analytics.
Search Engine Shoppings Ads – export product to Google Merchant Center, ongoing feed management, shopping campaign management as well as search ads

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