Digital Marketing Strategy



Most search marketing services at Rise Digital start with a strategy that becomes captured in a project plan. This strategic approach starts with your free, no-obligation proposal, followed by a search engine marketing strategy and a long and/or medium-term digital marketing plan. The goal of our digital marketing strategies is to create a roadmap from your objectives to your key results.

digital marketing strategy

Although every digital marketing strategy at Rise Africa is completely customised, we ensure that the fundamentals are in place by focussing on the three W’s –

Who are you

When people search for products and services online, their queries can be grouped into categories that reveal what type of products and services they are looking for. By defining precisely what category a business competes in we can make sure that your website users are provided with the right content and experience they need to make a buying decision

What are you

Once potential customers found your business online, you have a chance to persuade them to choose you above your competitors. You have to convince them that your service or product provides the features and benefits that will solve their problems because it has the attributes they value. We provide SEO copywriting services to persuade users to click through to your website, and once there, convince them to choose you to solve their needs.

What about you and me

The customer is convinced, they are interested in by from you or hear more, its time for you to show up. Are the next steps clear? Is it easy for them to take action to fulfil their needs? It pays to take heed of the saying “there’s many a slip ’twixt the cup and the lip”. If your website loads too slow, have broken links, the forms don’t submit, you don’t have the payment gateways that your target market prefers, you frustrate them with pushy popups – these are all the ways you can lose a sale that may have been money in your pocket except for some minor inconvenience the prospect encountered. Our Technical SEO and conversion optimisation services will make sure that nothing stands in the way of a match made in heaven.

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